Welcome to Hotel Phamrong

Hotel Phamrong, located in the heart of Pelling,
is an oasis of bliss for the intrepid traveler seeking the cozy comforts of a homely environment in an excellent spot for great mountain views.

This is the perfect hotel in Pelling
where visitors can experience true Sikkimese tradition and hospitality. A gentle feeling of warmth and comfort will engulf you as you step inside as much of the interiors are wood-paneled that is interlaced with traditional dicor hearkening back to the good old days when life was slow and easy, and good!

Located at the heights of Pelling,
the surrounding view overlooking the hotel is superb and exceptional. Hotel Phamrong takes its name from the waterfall, Phamrong - which can be seen from the hotel. Phamrong-ma was a female deity who is said to have bathed beneath this waterfall for the liberation of all satien beings, and the nearby cave where she had meditated still exists!